Shopping Habits

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TOPIC: “Shopping Habits survey among Mall visitors in Delhi / Gurgaon.”

“A Study on Shopping Habits in metro cities and factors important for Mall Growth”

PGP 1 - A

Submitted By:

Abhay Narain (001)
Dheeraj Joshi (016)
Joydeep Sen (021)
Nitin Soni (034)
Sneh Verma (050)


To identify the Shopping Habits Of People In Malls.

Survey Method

We followed a structured questionnaire, which was designed to elicit specific information. The survey method used was mall intercept form of personal interviewing. Questionnaire of the section surveyed primarily had the following aspects, which is in consonance with our Management Research Problems:

❑ Who - Identify the different customer segments.

❑ What - The markets frequented by the different segments. The brands preferred by them.
The amount spent by them.
The frequency of purchase.
The factors important for mall growth. The occasions of purchase/consumption. The distance traveled to make the purchase. The type of outlet preferred.

❑ When- The information was collected mostly before and after shopping by consumers in a mall.

❑ Where- The questionnaires were administered inside the mall. Also, many a times, the consumers were queried just outside the mall before and after shopping.

❑ Why- The information was being sought to ultimately arrive at the shopping habits in Malls at Delhi And Gurgaon.

❑ Way- The method of data collection was mostly through mall intercept of consumers.

Questionnaire Development and Pre-testing Type of interviewing method

The research was carried out through questionnaires administered to the respondents primarily through mall intercept. As the time available for interview under such circumstances is very limited, the respondents were assisted by the interviewer in responding to the questions. The questions were interpreted by the interviewer to facilitate the response from the interviewee.

Content of the questions

The contents of the questions were designed keeping in mind the fact that the responses require to be easily and quickly recorded by the interviewer.

For the Common section, the AIO, values and lifestyle questions were administered first because they require careful thought on the part of the interviewee. The questions on demographics were asked later because they are short and easier to respond. In case of Consumer Durables section, a similar methodology was adopted.

Question Structure

Most of the questions asked to the respondents were structured questions where the respondents were asked specifically to respond to the questions. Unstructured responses were solicited from respondents to understand some requirements, which are not being met by their present preferred shopping malls.

Also, all of the questions asked had multiple choice responses and some dichotomous questions were asked to facilitate easy response. The wording of the questions was very simple and leading questions were avoided.

Sampling Design and Procedure

❑ Target Population

• Sampling Unit
In our case sampling unit is same as the element and is anyone who is a In the malls of Delhi and Gurgaon.

• Extent
Delhi and Gurgaon.

❑ Sampling Frame
Malls of Delhi and Gurgaon.

❑ Sampling Technique
We have used a “Non-Probabilistic Convenient Sampling” technique.

❑ Sample Size
Total of 200 respondents were administered who filled 193 questionnaires across different sections.

Diagrammatic Representation

Analysis Of The Questionnaire

The following set of questions probed into the profiles of the visitors and how comfortable they found visiting a Mall.

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