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Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts is the world’s largest Asia-based luxury hotel group, welcomes business and leisure travelers with award winning Asian hospitality. Shangri-La Hotel and Resorts began in year 1971 with the first deluxe hotel in Singapore. The group now has 52 deluxe hotels and resorts located in Asia and Middle East cities. There are new properties under development in Europe and North America.

Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts group has several brands name, •Shangri-La City Hotels
Shangri-La Resorts
Traders Hotels
Chi, The Spa at Shangri-La
Besides this, the group also provides services at two of the Asia’s most well known clubs, the Aberdeen Marina Club in Hong Kong and the Xili Golf and Country Club in Shenzhen, China.

Shangri-La Traders Hotel, Penang is one of Traders Hotel of the group in Malaysia. Shangri-La Traders Hotel, Penang is located in the heart of the Georgetown. Shangri-La Trader Hotel supported by superb meeting facilities, a modern business center and a fully equipped fitness center. The rooms and suites offer a complete range of amenities that one would expect from a 5 star hotel.

Shangri-La Traders Hotel, Penang is one of the topnotch award winning trader’s hotels.
Board of Director
Recognizing that a passion for excellence cascades from the upper levels of an organization, Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts has carefully selected the members of it executive team [2]. This shows that high level manager need to have a very good conceptual skill, and able to forecast things will go to happen in the future. This will lead the company to a better future.

The members of executive team are
Mr. Angelini, Giovanni - chief Executive Officer and Managing Director Mr. Rao, Madhu – Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Ng, Alan S.F. – Senior Group Director of Projects
Mr. Waechter, Martin F – Chief Marketing Officer
Mr. Bridle, Symon – Chief Operating Officer
Mr. Jin, Jian Ping – Executive Vice President
Mr. Sekerciogle, Cetin – Vice President
Ms. DeMotte, Elizabeth A. – Vice President, Public Relations Mr. Tan, Eng Leong – Group Director of Human Resources
Mr. Offe, Jean Michel – Group Director of Food and Beverage Mr. Rao, Anand – Chief Information Officer
Mr. Wikinson, Jim – Vice President, Procurement
Ms. Cheah, Caroline – Group Director of Rooms
Mr. Fankhanel, Max – Group Director of Engineering
Mr. Ram, S. S. Mohan – Vice President, Finance
Mr. Kuok, Khoon Tsen – Group Director of Projects
Mr. Hediger, Marc – Senior Vice President – Development
Mr. Inns, Brendan – Quality Assurance
Ms. Angeles, Peggy – Vice President Marketing
Ms. Chen, Sarah – Vice President Marketing, Projects
Mr. Paw, Sunny – Vice President Sales & Marketing
Mr. Frost, Austin – Vice President, International Sales

Shangri-La Culture
“Shangri-La hospitality from caring people [1]”

From the philosophy of the Shangri-La Hotel, it shows that they want provide warm services to their customers. Mostly, people will stay in hotel is due to they are away from their home from other state, or from overseas. Having this philosophy, so that the services provided will let the customer feel like being home but the feeling of a stranger in a strange land.

“The first choice for customers, employees, shareholders and business partners [1]”

Vision is the ability to foresee what a company wants to do and what they want to be. For the Shangri-La Hotel’s vision that stated above, shows that they want to be the first choice for their customers. As we know, every business is depending on customers. None of the...

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