Senior Citizen Persuasive Essay

Topics: Old age, Middle age, Gerontology Pages: 4 (1641 words) Published: December 19, 2007
When we get old and gray, we start thinking about our past life. Where are we now? Where are we going? Will we be happy? Will we be loved? Will we be alone? Who will care? In the years past, we have seen many different lifestyles of senior citizens, both positive and negative. The one true fact that we notice is that when a senior citizen smiles, he, or she, is happy, satisfied and will live a longer life. The point of this essay is to show how pets, either real or mechanical, will help make the lives of elderly people both pleasant and satisfying. After retirement, the years pass fast. We are concentrating on our being able to be with our friends and family more often, without the time constraints we had during our working careers. We can stay up at night to see that late night movie and be able to talk to our friends the next day about the outcome of the fantasy love affair we watched on the electronic device. Then the realization hits that life does come to an end. Our best friend or spouse passes away and there is no longer that special invitation to their family reunion or the special night out with the nightcap after a filling dinner. No more phone call in the middle of the night when our friend cannot sleep or when their grandchild finally has her baby. We are alone. We turn to our family for friendship and love. Our children are grown with families of their own and even their children have families. They now have their own lives. We are not the main focus any more of someone's love and affection. Their babies are too young and have no idea how much we need them. Children are too active to know that Grandma or Grandpa would like to talk for awhile. Teens are never around and are branching out to begin his, or her, individual future. Adult children are involved with their children and grandchildren and have no extra time to give to Mom or Dad. The thought of us moving in with them makes us shudder. We cannot locate an appropriate residence...

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