Sample Outline of Persuasive Speech

Topics: Old age, Middle age, Gerontology Pages: 3 (779 words) Published: October 15, 2013
You’re Never Too Old to Learn—Virtually
The Situation. As a project for a community education class, you decide to work with the recreation and education center at a local elderly housing project. The center is woefully short of educational materials, and the only teachers who show up are offering crafts classes. You figure out that here’s a group of less-mobile people who are ripe for Internet educational experiences.

Specific Purpose明确的、具体的. To persuade people sttending the education center to take seriously Web-based classes from around the country.

Attention Step
I. It’s too easy to assume that older adults only want to play checkers and make Christmas presents our of plastic milk jugs. II. In fact, retirees haven’t given up living and learning. They’re still curious, and now they have time for a broad range of educational experience. Work against stereotypes成见 of the elderly’s lifestyle. Engage them and improve your credibility (trustworthiness). Need Step

I. Cognitive psychology认知心理学 has shown us that exercising the brain keeps it alive and active longer. A. Mental activity—especially structured activity, such as formal learning—helps to prevent cognitive deterioration.认知的退化 B. Yet the elderly often have trouble traveling to three-times-a-week classes at a local college to get that stimulation.

II. Today’s retirees are going to live longer than ever and so must keep learning to keep from falling significantly far behind the rest of society. Work with power motives (especially defense and fear) to make them want to hear more. I. Need Step

II. The Internet and the growing number of high-quality World Wide Web-based classes—more than 500,000 now available online—create great opportunities for people living at this housing project. A. You have plenty of computer terminals计算机终端 with browers.浏览器 B. Because Internet courses often cost much less than bricks-and-mortar 传统的实体企业classes—most classes run $300-500—you can afford college-level schooling. C....
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