Sambian Partner's Case

Topics: Human resources, Human resource management, Employment Pages: 3 (716 words) Published: April 6, 2013
* Major root problem of this case is Sambian Partner’s lack of career opportunity for their employees. As we see in the article Tom had plenty of wins and could handle more work than any others but realized that he was going nowhere fast because there was no promotion offer for Tom, besides no one on the executive team was even close to retiring. In this case, as everyone does, Tom didn’t miss that good offer coming from another company. Here, in this case, we can blame Human Resource of this company because they should have seen this problem and taken an action before losing a valuable employee. * As a secondary problem we can say that employees are uninspired. For example; Tom was doing incredibly creative works, and surely is a first-class architect but he didn’t have the support structure or the first-class sales and marketing behind him. That’s why he couldn’t motivate himself and possibly thought that his works are not realized and complimented necessarily. That’s why he couldn’t say no when the head hunter came with a good proposal of opponent company. * Another problem can be listed as the human resources of the company doesn’t run good enough to satisfy their needs. Human Resource of a firm does not only deal with recruiting or terminating of employees. They must also investigate the needs of the employees when they are aroused and satisfy their needs as soon and much as possible. They should focus on the problems of the employees and somehow solve them.

* Building a good sales and marketing strategies and advertisements that do not let the architects and engineers of the projects or commodities stay on background.

Creates an inspiring environment for the architects and engineers, Helps them to be more effective and creative on their job
Prevents them to feel ignored.
Prevents them to quit.

may cost more than usual
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