Roles and responsibilities of Human resource professionals

Topics: Management, Implementation, Policy Pages: 2 (397 words) Published: March 21, 2014
Roles and responsibilities of Human resource professionals Human resource professionals need to work together with line management in the management of the organisation’s human capital. The human resource professionals key responsibilities in this regard are to formulate and implement policy, advise and counsel, render a service, control personnel affairs, communicate, as well as be an employee advocate. Formulate and implement Policy: Human resource professionals draft policies and procedures relevant to the organisation’s people management. Once accepted by management these policies and procedures then need to be implemented together with line management. The human resource department is responsible for monitoring the implementation of the HR policy by line departments. They also assist line management in the interpretation of the policies. Advise and Counsel: The human resource professional acts as an internal consultant to employees, supervisors, managers and executives. Their knowledge of internal people management issues and the dynamics of the external environment allow the human resource professional to provide invaluable advice for the making of organisational decisions. Render a Service: Human resource professionals provide a range of services such as recruiting, selecting and training. The services offered by Human Resource should be directed towards facilitating the achievement of the organisation’s goals. Control Personnel Affairs: The human resource professional monitors and controls the implementation of human resource related policies and procedures. Examples of control functions which human resource professionals perform include the following: Analysis of employment related data (example recruitment, training, promotion statistics) to identify the degree to which employment equity goals are being achieved. Analysis of data from performance appraisals for the purposes of determining whether performance management is being fairly conducted....
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