Role of Computers in Business

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Tesco Functional Areas 

All businesses need to be well organised to achieve their aims and  objectives. Certain tasks, or functions, must be done regularly and  these are usually grouped into specific types of activities. In a  large organisation like Tesco PLC, people work together in functional  areas. Each functional area has a specific purpose. Below are the main  functional areas: 


The main activities of the finance department are: 

* To record all the business transactions 

This means that they record in their schedule all the expenses that  have been paid and all incomings. They also make sure that each  department does not spend more than it has been allocated. 

* Measure the financial performance of Tesco 

This means the finance department look at how well or badly Tesco is  doing financially. 

* To control the finances and cash flow so Tesco stays reliable. 

This means that they make sure that there is enough money in the  business to pay off debts, bills and the employees. They also make  sure that there is enough money to survive for the company. 

* To take timely financial decisions by comparing the predicted  performance with actual performance. 

This means that if the company wants to invest more in Tesco, then it  would be up to the finance department to make the decision on whether  there are enough funds to do. They would do this by looking and  comparing the financial situation in previous years with the financial  situation of the present year. By this they can see the expense will  leave them with enough money at the end. They also prepare all the  accounts each year so that the company comply with their legal  responsibilities to the Inland Revenue and complete VAT returns which  they send to HM Customs and Excise. 

The finance department in Tesco is there to make sure that the company  stay's afloat. They do this by checking the financial status of the  company; when I say checking the financial status I mean that they  record all the money coming into the business and all the money that  is going out. Upon looking at this information they are able to  monitor and act accordingly. The finance department is probably the  most important department in the Tesco, simply because everything  costs money and it is the job of the finance department to ensure that  the necessary funds are available when they are needed. This is really  important when the organisation has to pay their running costs such as  loans. This is because if they don't pay their debts then they risk  losing their investment. The finance department also has a system,  which is called the Management Accounting Information system. This  system is used for planning, decision-making and control. This system  involves looking at the future financial events, and with this system  they will be able to answer future question such as when will the  money be available to renew the roof at the Surrey Quays site? The  Management Accounting function also prepares budgets and monitors  financial progress. If we look at the information above and then look  at Tesco I can say that Tesco's finance department have a similar sort  of system, which looks at the future financial events. They way in  which the finance department look at the future is to look at the  financial status in past years, and by that they are able to see how  much they will have in the future and they are able to look a ways in  which to improve the amount of money they will have in the future. 

Human resources function 

The human resource in an organisation is the second most important  department, simply because this is where all the new employees are  chosen from. The main purpose of the Human Resource department is to  recruit, select, train and develop staff. This means that they have to  find the right people at the right place at the right time. Once the  new employees have been found it is the Human Resources responsibility ...
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