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Name:Che Pei Ling
Student ID:TP029265
Module Code : CT098- 3.5- 2 – RMCT
Module Title:Research Method for Computing & Technology
Intake Code:UC2F1305WM
Assignment Title:RMCT Individual Assignment
Name of Lecturer:Mr. Selvakumar Samuel
Hand in date:25th February 2013

Table Of Contents
Proposed Project Title3
Project Background4
Problem Statement4
Problem Description5
Project Aim5
Research Question5
Project Development Plan6
Domain Research6
Technical Design6
Data Collection Plan7
Primary Data Collection7
Secondary Data Collection8
Personal Reflection8

1.0 Proposed Project Title

ONE STOP Malls in Malaysia Website

2.0 Introduction

Nowadays, people prefer to look information online instead of looking at catalogue or books. For example, woman would prefer to look for sales event online instead of looking at the catalogue that delivers to the house. Not all of the household will get the mails for promotion of the month because some postman will throw the mails away as these cases had already happened according to The Star news on Sunday, 21st of July 2013.

This website is proposed for user to shop and enjoy shopping easily. The main purpose of this website is to provide the information of the malls in Malaysia. The information includes sales event, performance organize by third party or particular mall, the mall map etc. There are few similar websites like www.midvalley.com.my , www.onestopmalaysia.com and www.offerstation.com. These websites only show either their own particular mall information only or sales promotion only.

This website is a combine and improve version of these existing websites as there are many improvements are needed for it. Besides, it will include social function like allowing user to post comment or sharing status by using Facebook account at the sales event area so that others can read and up to date anytime instead of go to the location personally to check out the event as not people now spend most of the time working and rest at home after that.

Other than that, user can check out the mall map as well so they could able to know whether the store they looking for exist in the mall. The details of the store include the location of the store in the mall, store’s telephone number and brief explanation of the store. The picture of the store entrance and the shop sign will be provided too. In conclusion, this website will act as a shopping and event guide that allow shoppers to shop smart and save on time. 3.0 Project Background

I got this idea to create the website while I am looking for promotion online. There are many similar websites but the information are not complete. One of the example is user cannot post comment for the particular event which I always wanted to know what is going on the event or how is the atmosphere there. I always hope that there is a photo sharing function under the event post.

This proposed system is created for user to shop easily and hunt for sales event easily. Many people do not know when the sales will be but once they browse this website, they could easily get the information they want. As well as they have some inquiry about products or others, they may just give them a call by searching the phone number from the website. This proposed website basically act as a shopping guide for user by showing all the related information.

There are some difficulties while deciding the structure of the proposed website. My idea was providing information but I was told that my course is Web Media Technology. Hence, I should include multimedia or social network. Then, I have change my idea from only information to posting up event poster, flash banner etc. User can as well as connect with Facebook and post comment at certain area.

4.0 Problem Statement
The common problems that faced by shoppers are where is the location, what is the...

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