Riordan Manufacturing Management Review

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Riordan Manufacturing Management Review
Britni Dresen, Jose Jimenez, Jorge Gracia, Dianna Kirkland
University Of Phoenix
University of Phoenix BSA/502

Riordan Manufacturing Management Review
Riordan Manufacturing, Inc is an industry leader in the field of plastic injection molding employing 550 individuals throughout its plants in the USA and China. Products produced at Riordan include plastic beverage containers produced at its plant in Albany, Georgia, custom plastic parts produced at its plant in Pontiac, Michigan, and plastic fan parts produced at its facilities in Hangzhou, China. Research and development is conducted at the corporate headquarters in San Jose. The success of the company speaks for itself with projected annual earnings of $46 million (Apollo, 2004). While studying Riordan, one can see the success on the company’s website by browsing the balance sheet and income statements. Although successful and turning a profit the company could improve its efficiency and effectiveness in many areas including, but not limited to human resources, legal areas, and logistics and operations. These three topics will be discussed in further detail in the following pages. Riordan Human Resources

Riordan has a well organized Human Resources organization. From the companies Organizational Charts, Job Classifications, Job Descriptions to Demographics, Employees, EEOC Reports, Communications and Employee Handbooks. Riordan has a well developed organizational platform that will keep its human resources organization well informed and well developed. As much as the Riordan HR organization is well formed there is one recommended change that will greatly benefit the company. The following recommendation is made as its Human Resources System is antiquated and is in major need of improvement. Riordan Manufacturing –– Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) Riordan manufacturing currently uses a system that is 17 years old. This system is very outdated and relies heavily on Excel. It is unclear at this time if an upgrade to Excel would stop the current system from working. The system also relies on everything to be hand typed with no checks and balances on what is being entered into the system allowing for errors. Much of the data that needs to be changed is submitted in writing. This is not an efficient or productive way to handle changes. It can take days or weeks to get everything updated. Due to the heavy reliance on Excel, this also means that only one person should be working in the file at time. If the file is used as a shared filed, Riordan runs the risk of typing over another person’s data entry. There are many different individuals who are responsible for keeping the system up to date with any new activity such as application updates or job position posting. If a person were to apply for one position there would be little chance that the resume gets reviewed for a different position that may be a better fit for both the applicant and Riordan. All resumes are kept in a central storage area. It is unclear if this location is secure and if copies are made and kept at a different location in case of destruction of the original files or any type of system failure. There does not seem to be any backup system either by hard copies or by any type of electronic media. Not having a backup system greatly puts the company’s employee information and files at huge risk. Officials are well aware of this situation and are looking for an immediate solution. Another unique problem found was that employee information is stored with each unit’s individual managers; there is no central location for all of the information. The managers are also responsible for filing important documents like leave of absences, pay, employee ranking or ADA accommodations. Employee compensation is kept by and outside vendor where the information is kept secure by that vendor. However, a compensation manager does keep an Excel file...

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