Topics: Retirement, Gerontology, Aging Pages: 1 (309 words) Published: July 31, 2013
Our government had tabled a bill,which is to raise the minimum retirement age for private sector workers to 60. This change could bring benefits and disadvantages to all Malaysians. According to statistic, the average lifespan of Malaysians has increased, with males living up to 75 years, and females 77 years. This means that a retiree aged 55 has to support himself for another 20 years or more. So, the retirement age of 55 was actually reducing the working age for those who wish to continue their jobs. If the retirement age could be extend, the workers can work for longer time and the income can support their life after retirement. Second, the raising of retirement age can bring a stable economy growth in our country. As we know, younger workers may have the paper qualifications but that does not mean they have the experience, skills or even aptitude for the job. The elder workers can guide the young workers to be more proficient in the job. However, this policy will bring negative impact to our country too. The rate of unemployed university-graduated students will increase after this policy is launched because the students do not have superiority such as skills and experiences to compete with the older workers. After considering both sides of argument , we feel that the retirement should be increased to 60 so that our country economy will grow in a stable tendency .

However, people will think that the rate of unemployed university- graduated students will decrease if this policy is not launched because after the old generation is retired then there will be more jobs waiting for them. But, what we emphasize is the graduated students is lack of superiority such as skills and experience to compete with the older workers. Older workers can handle the unexpected problems more easy compared to them.
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