Retailing and Large Shopping

Topics: Retailing, Shopping mall, Power centre Pages: 3 (718 words) Published: April 6, 2011
• Advantages and disadvantages of building a shopping center in the neighborhood

Large shopping centers are very convenient because we can find almost everything we need there. They are also good places to spend free time because they usually offer some form of entertainment such as movie theaters. However, large shopping centers can also bring some disadvantages, and for this reason I would oppose the building of one in my neighborhood.

One disadvantage of having a large shopping center in the neighborhood would be a great increase in traffic. More cars would not only bring traffic congestion, but also noise and parking problems. Another disadvantage is that a large shopping center requires a lot of space. In order to build one in my neighborhood, some open space would have to be sacrificed. We might no longer have room for a park or sports ground. And finally, if there were a shopping center in the neighborhood, people might visit it every day. They would no doubt spend too much money and ignore other ways of spending their leisure time.

• Advantages and disadvantages of shopping online
Advantages: Shoppers can check reviews and recommendations on the internet before they make their decisions. Online shopping is global so you can buy the best products from Europe, America, or China. Distance is no longer a problem. Most sellers provide an express service so goods get delivered to your home more quickly. Disadvantages: People are at higher risk of being cheated on the part of the merchant than in a physical store.And privacy of personal information may be let out.

• Singapore – a shopping paradise

Singapore is definitely a shopping paradise because there is something for everyone. Whether you are looking for high fashion or the cheapest bargain basement deals in town, you will most definitely discover it during your romp around the shopping paradise that is Singapore. Other than it is a clean and fine city, it is also...
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