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Higher Diploma in Marketing and Sales Management

Year: 1st year (June Examinations)

Module: Retailing Assignment May 2012

Matthew Spiteri Gonzi ( )
Chris Pace ( )
Jeremy Tabone ( 314185(M) )
Steve Borg ( )
Lecturer: Marika Fsadni

You are a leading marketing consultancy firm in Malta. Your client is interested in opening a chain of 3 retail outlets in Malta, engaged in a line of business of your choice. Your client has asked you to conduct a mystery shopping research project on his behalf. He has asked you to mystery shop at least 10 retail outlets engaged in the same line of business. He has asked you to produce a report which will comprise: The mystery shopping research findings

Your recommendations on a way forward for his 3 retail outlet investments based on your mystery shopping research findings.

Course of action:
Line of business chosen: Healthy food stores
Number of stores chosen to visit for survey: 10
New chain chosen to open in Malta: Lavida Food
To: The managing director
From: Euro Surveys Ltd.
Re: Lavida Foods
Date: 21/05/2012

Healthy food stores are an expanding business within the islands of Malta and Gozo. More and more people are getting conscious about increasing health issues especially with the emphasis being made of Malta being one of the highest ranking countries with obesity problems, making the healthy food industry a lucrative business to tap into. The purpose of this report is to examine the results of a survey of a group of ten healthy food outlets which have been carefully selected. These outlets are:

Holland & BarrettWembley StoreThe Health Store

The White sheepMarks & SpencerGood Earth

C. Camilleri & Sons Ltd.GS Super storePAVI Supermarket

LIDL Supermarket

In the survey that was conducted particular areas of interest were looked at such as the Journey to the retail outlet
Parking facilities
Directional signage
Outlet exterior
Accessibility to the outlet
Outlet interior
Lighting & security
Services & products offered
Working staff
Time consumption
Overall experience

Journey to the retail outlet:
In this section the results of the surveys proved positive for all locations. Seven in ten outlets were given an average rating for the journey experience, two in ten got an above average rating and one in ten, which was C. Camilleri & Sons, got rated as one of the best. All the outlets are located in prime areas with moderate amounts of traffic making it easy to get to and from the outlets. With regards to the journey expectations six in ten outlets gave a satisfactory result whilst four in ten gave a fairly satisfactory result. From this result it is evident that the location of the stores plays an important part in the customer flow. It is recommended to locate the stores in areas that are close to the target market and avoid areas where potential traffic congestion can occur. Potential places: Naxxar / San Gwann / Valletta / Paola

Parking facilities:
Parking in Malta and Gozo, depending on the areas, may result to be slightly problematic at times as there is a high volume of cars and limited amounts of parking spaces. In the survey, particular emphasis has been made on the availability of parking spaces for the outlet and whether the outlet provides it’s own private parking facilities. Eight in ten stores had available parking spaces outside the store whilst it was hard to find parking to go to the other two stores (The Health store / The White Sheep). The reason parking was difficult for the Health store and The White Sheep is due to the fact that they are situated in Hamrun and Sliema which are highly populated areas. Only two in ten stores had a private parking facility, making it easy to access the store. (Good Earth / GS Superstore) The availability of parking makes access to the...
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