Retail Shopping Mall Semotics and Hedonic Consumptions

Topics: Utilitarianism, Hedonism, Shopping mall Pages: 7 (1770 words) Published: March 23, 2013
Assignment 1 - 40%

The different aspects of the retail experience within the Hollister store and how it creates and enhances value.

define and discuss the retail experience? Use a case example to demonstrate its application and How does the retailer create and enhance value?

Customer retail experience for Hollister’s.

When looking at the aspects of the consumer experience, there are many different conceptions which may suggest that the retail experience consists of various factors which may enhance the consumers retail perspective of the company, thus increasing it’s Utilitarian and hedonistic needs and value.

For this assignment I will be analysing how the Hollister store uses different retail experiences to have an influence on the consumers perceptions of the entire store.

Within the journal “marketing intelligent & planning” Veloutsou and Moutinho (2008) states that “the marketing literature has not always explicitly recognized the existence or the importance of relationships between consumers and brands they argue that “it is now acknowledged that consumers create bonds with specific brands”.

In this day and age it is seen to be highly important for businesses to recognise the value the Brand, image and atmospherics can have on consumer values on the company, it will inevitably decide the difference between a successfully business.

To successfully create an understanding and positive bond between the consumer and a brand, different factors are put in place to help enable this to happen, this consists off:


“Marketing intelligent & planning” Veloutsou and Moutinho (2008) “ Building a consistent relationship between customers and brands is certainly now widely recognized as an important element in successful business strategies.”

When relating this statement to the Hollister clothing store, it is clear to say that Hollister embrace the atmospheric factor the heighten the consumer experience in store.

This is achieved by Hollister following its traditional in store appearance of the southern California beach image, which consists of “Upon entry, Hollister clad, youthful, healthy assistants greet you into the dimly lit, perfume scented store. There’s little to no order to the layout with men’s and female’s clothing often being intertwined. The lighting makes the garments true colours hard to determine and once you’ve found something you like you’ll find American sizing conventions. Dotted around the store are large plants, leather wingbacks and the odd sofa making navigating the store even more difficult. Although this may sound like a chaotic shopping environment, everything from the music volume to the assistants looks are strictly controlled.”

In terms of looking at the atmospherics of Hollister, the aesthetics have been laid to purposely cause a reaction from the consumer. Hollister have a particular target market of teenager and people in their early/mid twenties, these atmospherics around the store seem to appeal to this audience perfectly. For instance the music played in Hollister is specifically chosen and set to a play list, which purposely incorporates the beach theme of the store, thus supporting its whole outlook. This then gives the consumer the sense of a youthful relaxed and energised atmosphere.

When looking at the colour settings of the Hollister store, it’s usually conveyed with a traditional dark, warm wooden colour scheme to help convey the California beach attire.

The perfume of the Hollister store is purposely scented to create a fresh and mystifying ambience to the store. The perform is Hollister’s very own brand, which is seen to be a very useful way to market there perfume products as well as making the store smell great with their signature scent.

The lighting within the store is set to be dimmed, however the...

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