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Store History
The Focus Hypermarket is a company under the umbrella brand of Garden Fresh, which has established supermarkets in various countries in the Middle East including Dubai, Kuwait etc as well as three cities in Kerala-Cochin, Trivandrum and Calicut. The Focus Hypermarket in Calicut was started in 2008, and the vision of the store was to help the “family live a healthy, easy and comfortable life”, according to the manager of the Calicut store. The image of the store was gathered from a number of consumer interviews that we conducted in and around the store. Most consumers felt that it was a very family friendly locality and the outlet itself was planned in a manner that made it convenient for families. It was also reputed to be easy-to-access, affordable in terms of prices, and a store where pretty much all the family requirements are available. Site Location

As we can see from the Google earth snapshot, the location of the site is right in the heart of the city. It lies at the intersection of Mavoor Road and Rajaji Road, two of the most important roads in Calicut city. Also, the building in which it is located is the Focus Mall, which is one of the two biggest malls in the city. The presence of a number of other retail outlets can be both an advantage and a disadvantage to the Focus Hypermarket, but we believe that because it’s the only one of its kind (hypermarket) inside the mall, it is an advantage to be in the presence of other retailers and restaurants because the footfalls will increase. The income levels of people in the vicinity too are probably the highest of all areas of the city, which aids the visits of people to Focus mall and hence Focus hypermarket. Format

The various product categories are spread across single storey in a grid fashion – starting with baby care, stationary, gifts, travel items in the beginning and as we proceed right we have first non-foods fmcg products like hair care, body care, detergents, etc and further right are the foods, vegetables and fruits and chilling station. In the deep interior we find crockeries and home appliances. Visual Merchandising and Display

The visual merchandising is done in an attractive way with different brands and variants placed in a specific order to appeal to the customer aesthetically in terms of color, reach, etc, and the promotion boards and signage for product categories are clearly displayed across the store for convenience.

Catchment Area and Target Market
It is in the heart of the city – Rajaji Road & Mavoor Road junction. It has a catchment area of 6 km, considering that mall shoppers refill their daily grocery and other requirements here. Big Bazaar is close by – so it misses out on the shoppers who buy all stuff at one place. There is no segmentation beyond the basic income levels. Widely diverse people were seen at the store – but primary targets are the people who shop at the mall - working class middle aged men and women with their family visiting the mall on weekends and weekday evenings.

Employee Hierarchy
The employee organization chart is shown below.
There are a total of 19 store assistants in the outlet, who are involved with the assisting and aiding customers in finding the right products and guiding them to products they want. These 19 assistants report into 3 deputy managers. The role of these deputy managers is to primarily supervise the store assistance, ensure that all customers are finding it easy to navigate among products, and resolve minor issues that arise. These deputy managers report to the store manager Mr. Rizvan. Apart from this, there is a customer care team comprising of an HR manager, who in addition to his generic tasks of aiding employees with HR related issues like leaves, salary, training etc, also supervises two customer care executives who sit at the customer service desk and address any kind of customer issues that might arise....
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