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Date: 11 May 2012


The assignment is based on work that the author undertook after working for 40 at Holiday Inn Harare. The first part of the assignment covers the Company analysis. Here the author discussed in depth about the company type, category and culture. The organisation was found to be a commercial hotel operating as a franchise. The author went in depth to look at the marketing mix of the organisation mentioning its strengths and weaknesses against competitors and what makes Holiday Inn a competitor in the Hospitality industry.

The author then described the organizational structure with the help of the organizational chart that she used to indicate the different hierarchal structure within the organisation, mentioning also where she fit in and whom she reported to. She went on to analyze in detail the Human Resources Management of the organisation. This was based on the HRM Model where important factors like Planning, Working Conditions, Performance Appraisal and Career Development where considered. The author also spoke on Holiday Inn’s strengths and areas of improvement with regards to their Human Resources; one of the strengths she mentioned was that Holiday Inn motivates employees by providing training programmes that cater for their specific needs. WHAT OF IMPROMENTS???

The author went on to mention the cultural diversity in the organisation. Holiday Inn is one of the major hotels in Zimbabwe thus it is definitely that there would be interaction between cultures; cross cultures. The author did an in depth analysis of how the Kluckhohn and Strodbeck’s Value Orientation was implemented with the different value systems of the employees. This was linked with cultural shock, discussing the stages she went through relating this with the Expectancy Model. She also mentions one of the most negative factors in cultural diversity, stereotyping and prejudice. And causes and effects according to the Allport Scale.

The author mentioned the legal position of the hotel. She briefly spoke about this in the company analysis mentioning that it is a franchise and looked at the main reasons why the owners chose this option compared to others like private limited. It is very interesting to note how this organization operates. The bargaining agreement was also looked into, in briefly. This is a contract between an employer and employee stating terms and conditions of work as well as remuneration. The author went into detail about this and how the tasks on the job description tallied with ones indicated on the collecting Bargaining Agreement. The author also took on the mathematical side of this by comparing the gross salary (per hour) with the net salary (per hour).

The author went on to discuss the environmental laws and legislation that Holiday Inn Harare is bound by. Seeing as Holiday Inn is an international brand they have a reputation to uphold and being environmentally friendly is one of the most important aspects. The author discussed in detail about motivation, looking at Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs and describing the extent to which she was motivated and demotivated whilst working in this organization. She describes how Herzberg’s Two Factor Theory can have an impact on an employee’s performance and how they can be positively or negatively reinforced according to Skinner’s Reinforcement Theory.

The last part of the assignment covers two main characters the author and the supervisor. The author starts off with an interview with the supervisor that discusses how typical the...

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The Division Of Human Resource
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