Research Work on Customer Satisfaction

Topics: Retailing, Shopping mall, Sales Pages: 14 (4652 words) Published: June 29, 2013
Delhi Business Review X Vol. 13, No. 1 (January - June 2012)


Manish Madan * Sima Kumari **


THE study investigates the detailed information about the growth of retailing industry in India. It examines the growing awareness and brand consciousness among people across different socio-economic classes in India, and how the urban and semi-urban retail markets are witnessing significant growth. It explores the role of the Government of India in the industry’s growth and the need for further reforms. In India the vast middle class and its almost untapped retail industry are the key attractive forces for global retail giants wanting to enter into newer markets, which in turn will help the retail industry in India to grow faster. The paper includes growth of retail sector in India, strategies, strength, and opportunities of retail stores, retail format in India, recent trends, and opportunities and challenges. This paper concludes with the likely impact of the entry of global players into the retail industry in India. It also highlights the challenges faced by the industry in near future. Design/Methodology/Approach – A questionnaire related to the expectations and perception of the customers visiting various retail outlets in Delhi? An analytical detail study of various internet sources and related journal and articles was done. The Chi – Square Test as a statistical tool has been used. Findings – The result of the data analysis disclosed that majority of visitors are from younger generation, so the retail outlets may consider their requirement for better profitability. Further organized retailers are advised to provide sufficient parking space so that visitors may feel comfortable to do shopping. Research Limitations/Implications – As judgmental sampling is used, all the non-probability errors would be there. Sample size being 150, it is not necessary that it truly represents the population/ universe. Some people might not have given accurate responses, which affects the results of the study. Some respondents have not taken the schedule seriously, and hence, the researcher had to discard those responses. Practical Implications – This research can be useful for organized retail outlets. This research will help the various organized retail outlets for identifying the need of customers, and improve the image of organized retailers. Originality/Value – This paper is totally based on the primary data, and findings are valuable for retail outlets for further decision making. Key Words: Customer satisfaction, Customer perceptions, Determinants of customer satisfaction, Retail industry. * ** Assistant Professor, Delhi School of Professional Studies and Research (Approved by AICTE), Delhi. Assistant Professor, Delhi School of Professional Studies and Research (Approved by AICTE), Delhi. 117


Manish Madan and Sima Kumari


The retail industry in India is the largest among all the industries, accounting for over 10 per cent of the country’s GDP, and around 8 per cent of the employment. The retail industry in India has come forth as one of the most dynamic and fast paced industries with several players entering the market. But all of them have not yet tasted success because of the heavy initial investments that are required to break even with other companies, and compete with them. The retail industry in India is gradually inching its way towards becoming the next boom industry. The total concept and idea of shopping has undergone an attention drawing change in terms of format and customer buying behavior, ushering in a revolution in shopping in India. Modern retailing has entered into the retail market in India as is observed in the form of bustling shopping centers, multi-storied malls, and the huge complexes that offer shopping, entertainment...

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