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INTERDISCIPLINARY JOURNAL OF CONTEMPORARY RESEARCH IN BUSINESS CUSTOMER BUYING BEHAVIOUR AT A NIGHT MARKET Khursiah Abd. Aziz University of Management and Technology (UMTECH), Malaysia Avini Sapindal Universiti Tun Abdul Razak, Malaysia ABSTRACT

VOL 3, NO 10


This paper focused on the physical characteristics of customer buying behaviour at a night market in Malaysia. The particular night market being investigated was the one located at Taman Sri Muda, in the state capital of Selangor, Malaysia. The data was collected via observation and interview sessions with the customers who have visited a night market at Taman Sri Muda, Shah Alam. The finding identified there is differences between customer groups on buying behaviour at a night market. The major contribution of this paper consists of the determination of customer’s group buying behaviour and the decision making on buying a product at a night market. The study found that customer buying behaviour at the night market can be influenced by the socio-demographic factors. Keywords: BUYING BEHAVIOUR, NIGHT MARKET, NIGHT MARKET TAMAN SRI MUDA, SHAH ALAM

INTRODUCTION Diversity of buying behaviours of customers can identify the potential products and services that should be offered at the night market. To market effectively, night market traders must be knowledgeable about customer behaviour patterns. Duah et al. (1996) stated that shopping behaviour does depend on the spatial structure which in some studies has found that land use patterns have a significant impact on the decisions related to home-based shopping trip frequency. A customer’s buying behaviour is influenced by social factors such as the groups to which the customer belongs and social status. Marketers strive to understand this behaviour so they can better formulate appropriate marketing stimuli that will result in increased sales and brand loyalty (Wendy, 2010). By identifying customer buying behaviour, it will help the night market traders to understand what compels the customer actually purchase. Even by knowing the different elements that stimulate customers’ buying activities can help night market traders design appropriate sales techniques and responses. Demographic and psychographic characteristics are also important to establish how customers meet their needs. Kiel et. al (1981) suggested that the customer’s behaviour is influenced in terms of their demographic and psychographic characteristics. The cultural uniqueness of night market exposes night market to be the must-visit for both local residents and visitors. Hence, night market activity is increasingly trendy among Malaysians. The travelling night markets, a form of Singapore mobile markets 377

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VOL 3, NO 10


taking place in the evening, often use parking lots or other open spaces to run a weeklong business (Ibrahim & Leng, 2003). Night markets are suitable places to shop and to bring families, friends and children. Although the prices of certain similar items may be relatively higher than traditional markets, customers still shop at night markets due to comfort and good parking facilities (Abu, 2004). The good services and ample parking facilities provided by town council are used as marketing tools to attract more customers to come to the night market. Night market can generates employment and helps the young adult to become an entrepreneur. Malaysia has about 12 million of population under the age of 30 and they, if given enough encouragement, can be attracted to these small retail business. Malaysia definitely needs to provide the avenue for nurturing and providing encouragement for its aspiring retail entrepreneurs. At the same time, in the face of several recessions, the federal government has embarked on a scheme which allows low...
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