Relationship Abuse

Topics: Abuse, Bullying, Child abuse Pages: 3 (972 words) Published: February 12, 2013
That cold feeling inside you when a fist hits you that belong to the guy you thought you loved. The emotions you feel when he curses at you and puts you down. Dating violence is actual or threatened harm between a former partner in a period that is risky (Connolly). Between twenty percent and fifty percent of adolescents been in an aggressive relationship (Connolly). Many men and women have to go through this tragedy in their life. Abusive relationships can damage a life, both physically and mentally, leaving the victims unaware of when to walk away.

Countless amounts of men and women who become victims experience two forms of abuse relationships. Emotional abuse is a less known kind because many people believe that it is important enough to count. Emotional abuse is basically another word for verbal abuse. If a partner talks negatively to the victim putting them down, it counts as abusive. The abuser normally tries to embarrass the victim and always tries to be in control over the victim. The abuser’s main tactic is to try to separate the victim from their family and friends. All of these examples involve emotional abuse. The other type abusive relationship is physical abuse which more people expect in an abusive relationship. The abuser uses violence to generally solve the arguments between their partners. Physical violence is when the abuser slaps, punches, kicks, or harms the victim. If the victim becomes bruised, the partner used physical violence. In Dreamland, Caitlin got punched in the face by her boyfriend not wanting to leave the car because she was afraid to but before the punch, he cursed her out with verbal abuse. Usually, emotional and verbal abuse comes first then ends in physical abuse (Reece). Knowing these two types of abuse is needed to realize whether your partner is treating you correctly or incorrectly.

Victims are not able to realize who is abusive by first appearances because it can be anyone. People figure that only the bad boys...
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