Recruiting, Hiring, Evaluating, and Compensating

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Conducting my research for this class project, I have learned that conducting a thorough job analysis is an important step in filling a job opening as well as contributing to the successful growth of an organization in terms of finances and talented workers. A job analysis should be conducted to gather information about the responsibilities, duties, skills of a particular job. In addition, it can include information about the work environment and desired education and experience. There are several ways to conduct a job analysis including using the Occupational Information Network (O*NET), using an analysis questionnaire, observation and interviewing. While doing my research there are other informal ways to conduct a job analysis and it depends on the amount of time and resources allowed and the type of job position. Conducting a job analysis is important because it makes sure that the job description is accurate while being in compliance with legal and professional guidelines. It also helps the selection process be more smooth and makes sure that the right candidate(s) is selected (David, 2011). High performers should be included as well as senior level managers and direct supervisors and anyone with critical knowledge about the job. The analysis can take anywhere from a few weeks to three months if you use a systematic process to make the analysis run quickly and efficiently (Chao, 2012). HR professionals have a responsibility to make sure that they hire productive, talented workers because this adds value to their organization and will help to make the organization prosper in the future (Chao, 2012). For this project I used the observation method as well as researching current Human Resource Receptionist and Human Resource Assistant job openings. I found that the two titles had a lot of the same tasks, skills and requirements, however, from the job openings that included the salary the Human Resource Assistant position was more ($13.00) than the Human Resource Receptionist position ($11.00). My explanation for the difference in pay is that the assistant position seemed to focus more on the administrative function of an HR department, whereas the receptionist position seemed to focus more on front office skills such as copying, faxing, answering phone lines, etc. I also found it interesting that most of the job openings required that the candidate have a college degree, but the pay is about the same as similar jobs that only required a high school diploma or some college coursework. Because of the economy and its effect on the job market, it seems as though a lot of companies in the Nashville, TN are not really competitive when it comes to pay. Employers know that their is an abundance of highly qualified workers and HR should consider hiring new workers as well as developing their current staff (Chao, 2012), however since pay is a determining factor in job satisfaction, companies should make sure that the pay is competitive. After you have chosen candidates to interview for the open position, it is important that you stay compliant. Being unfamiliar with your policies and procedures can come off as being uncaring and negligent. In addition, it is important to document not only who you hired but who you did not hire; documenting why you did not hire someone can be an important step if your organization is ever accused of not being compliant (10 HR mistakes your employee's lawyer will try to exploit, 2012).  

Task Statements: Human Resource Receptionist
Student NameJane Doe

What action is being performed (verb)To whom/what is the action directed (receiver of the verb)How is the action performed (procedure, tools, equipment)Why is action performed (purpose) TypeCorrespondencesMicrosoft OfficeCommunicate with staff FilePersonnel filesCompany filing systemEnsure personal information is secure Answer Incoming callsMulti-line switchboardDirect to appropriate employee PreparePeriodic ReportsUsing quarterly...

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