Recommendation for Changes in Human Resources Processes

Topics: Human resources, Employment, Job interview Pages: 3 (786 words) Published: June 8, 2007
ABC, Inc.: Recommendation for Changes in Human Resources Processes Background
During the spring of 2005, the Operations Department of ABC, Inc. increased its staffing by adding 15 trainee positions. The company filled the positions in April with the expectation that the trainees would be able to complete orientation and begin work by July 1, 2005. However, inefficiencies in the Human Resources Department created obstacles to the July start date. These inefficiencies have led to a significant loss of confidence with the Human Resources Department by the front office, primarily due to the excessive time gap of three months between hire date and start date. ABC, Inc. needs to reduce the time gap from hire date to start date for new employees from three months to three weeks. Key Problems

The Human Resources Department exhibits inefficiencies in the areas of staffing as well as policies and procedures. The department does not have adequate support staff to assist the recruiters. This lack of assistance leaves the recruiters with time deficiencies when coordinating recruiting and training. Deficiencies also exist in the time management skills of some of the recruiters. The current human resource process compounds the time management deficiencies, as it is paper intensive and relies on corrupted base files. The corruption of the base files makes it difficult if not impossible for the recruiters to develop a complete orientation package. Finally, the company lacks appropriate policies and procedures with respect to the timing of required documentation for candidates as well as new hires. This lack of basic policies exposes the company to fraud during the hiring process and results in incomplete employment files for new hires. These inefficiencies contribute to the three-month time gap between hire date and start date for new employees. To reduce this time gap, the company needs to correct the inefficiencies within human resources department. Possible Solutions

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