Reasons People Fear to Face Aging

Topics: Old age, Death, Gerontology Pages: 1 (359 words) Published: July 16, 2012
What is aging and when does older adulthood begin? Aging begins at birth and continues throughout life. When human beings reach a peak of growth, older adulthood begin. When the operations of the human body begin more vulnerable to daily wear and tear, there will be a general decline in physical and possibly mental functioning as an individual getting older and older. There are three reasons why people fear to face aging will be discussed in this essay. Older people worry about aging because they are fear of death. Their anxiety about death could stem from concern about the well-being of those who would be left behind (Erber, 2010). They probably have family members who need to take care at home. People fear of aging is also because they believe that it is the end of their existence (Erber, 2010). They have a great sense of loss and sadness that their life is coming to the end. Most of the employers are refuse to hire an old person to work. Older workers are less productive, less motivated and less receptive to innovation when it comes to new technologies (Erber, 2010). Due to poorer performance of the older than the younger, the discrimination to the older people increase. This cause the older people need to face retirement. Retirement is not always voluntary (Erber, 2010). For many of them, their retirement is forced due to health limitations and job displacement. During the old age of older people, their health status is changing (Timonen, 2008). Physical ability of an individual will decrease when they are getting older and older. A lot of diseases will come to them continually such as Alzheimer's, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, depression, and heart disease (Vincent, 2003). At the end, they have to suffer from the pain of sickness. Everyone has to gone through the process of aging. During the latter half of life, an individual is more prone to have problems with the various functions of the body, struggle to adapt to the life after retirement and comes to the...
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