Reasons Human Resource Manager Is Very Important to All Subordinates Including All Managers

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The quality of an organization is determined by the quality of people it employs. Staffing and human resource management decisions and methods are critical to ensuring that the organization hires and keeps the right personnel. This involves integrating the vision of the organisation with the human resource management policies. The four key roles for the Human resource manager in an organisation can be identifies as follows; I.Strategic partner

II.Administrative expert
III.Employee champion
IV.Change agent
Strategic manager: Human resource managers are part of the management team running an organisation and contributing to the achievement of the organisation`s objectives by translating business strategy into action. To be able to achieve this, the human resource manager needs to understand the business and ask appropriate questions and also contribute the business decisions. Consequently the human resource manager must develop a business acumen, a customer orientation and an awareness of the competition to be able to link business strategy with human resource policies and pratices, thus in appropriate human resource policies and practices lead to alienation, reduced motivation and labour unrest in the organisation. Human resource managers have to recruit, hire , train and motivate the right employees with certain attributes for particular post, so that their performance can be in line towards the vision of the organisation.It is important to note that an organisation that have a chief execuutive officer (CEO) who recognises the significance of human resource manager have a competitive advantage. Administrative expert: Human resource managers can re-engineer human resource activities in the organisation through technology, rethinking, redesign work process and the continous improvement of all organisation processes so that they can create values. Researchers indicate that the competency levels of the human resource manager in high performing organisations...
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