Race Class Gender

Topics: Sociology, Capitalism, Karl Marx Pages: 2 (435 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Chapter 8 worksheet
Race, class, Gender
1. the alienated labor is when” private property and its owners hires and controls others and defines labor for them” Instead of results of one’s labor benefiting one’s self, the labor becomes a function that benefits the property owners (184). Therefore, capitalist get to hold on to their money by the “means of production”(184). In a capitalist society Owners vs. non-owners, conflict the rises between the “haves” and the “have not’s” are inevitable. Class structure is maintained by 3 mechanisms; State (ruling class asserting their common interest 185), Ideology (Ideas that support and legitimizes the position of capitalist 185) and the capitalist structure itself due to custom an training views the condition of capitalism a normal process and creates a dependency of workers on the system which makes it hard to resist or rebel. For Ma0rx the important issues structure of economic relations that drives everything else(185, 186. His ideology correlates with contemporary society because of the overabundance of productions which then leads to bankruptcy (2009 housing crisis)(188). 2. There are several factors that contribute to the development of capitalism, accumulation of capital as a result of increased trade and the opening up of the new world. Freed labour power, raw materials, means of production and a new market became available to capitalist. Systems of trade protection and taxes advanced the power of capitalism. There are 3 stages of capitalism: 1. Cooperation is when large numbers of laborers work together productively and efficiently to produce a given product under the mastership of one capitalist (187) 2. Manufacture is a detailed division of labor among workers who have been brought together to cooperate in the production of the capitalists products (187). L No one performs all tasks and each has a specific task to perform (187). 3. Modern (machine) industry is the development and use of machines and...
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