Purpose of Education

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Education is very important in life today to become successful. There are many necessary basic principles and things that a person will learn in school. One of these basic and most fundamental things is to read and write. Reading and writing is so important in life because it is hard to communicate and follow the rules of society without being able to or knowing how to do it. Many signs and rules are written out and if you can’t read you will be lost and unable to follow the rules. There is definitely more than one purpose of education. The purposes of education are to make an individual aware, to earn money, and to develop social skills.

An individual learns many of the basic things about life in school. “The fundamentals of science and math, which one acquires during school, are pillars on which his understanding of life is based” (Oak). Basic addition and learning about the world in which we live is done in school. We become aware of the world and learn why certain things are the way they are. “It's through education that you learned about yourself and the world around you. That's the basic purpose of education - to make an individual aware.” (Oak). You learn about your body parts, why they are there, and what they do, in school. Even though these things might be simple, they are mostly learned in school.

School is where people interact constantly and develop strong relationships. “Education helps an individual acquire social skills, which enable him to interact with people around, maintain social relations and blend well with others in society” (Oak). These social skills are used throughout a person’s entire life. No matter what everyone communicates with other people. Every job requires some type of communication, so these skills are very important to develop, which happens in school. Education also “exposes him to competition” (Oak). Today there is a lot of competition for jobs and to get into colleges. A person needs to learn to...

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