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A Successful Project can never be prepared by the single effort or the person to whom project is assigned, but it also demands the help and guardianship of some conversant person who helps in the undersigned actively or passively in the completion of successful project.

Training period in BIG BAZAAR has been full of learning and sense of contribution towards the organization. I would like to thank BIG BAZAAR as well as T24 for giving me this opportunity for learning and contributing. I take this opportunity to thanks all those people who made this experience memorable.

First and foremost, I would like to thank Prof. B.B Sankay for providing me an opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge to a practical framework, which benefited me in developing a better understanding of the subject.

I would also like to thank Mr. Rajiv kumar as a mentor & my colleague without their valuable suggestion and evaluation at every stage, this project could not have reached in its best form.
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1. Executive summary | 01 - 02|
2. Introduction| 03 - 05|
3. Objective and Scope of the study | 06 - 06| 4. Company profile | 07 - 14| 5. Research Methodology | 15 - 17| 6.  Data Analysis | 18 - 29| 7. Findings | 30 - 30|

8. Recommendations| 31 - 31|
9. Conclusion | 32 - 32| 10. Limitations| 33 - 33|
11. Bibliography| 34 - 34|

Executive Summary

Executive Summary

Project Title:-
“Study of Consumer Buying Behaviors towards T24’’

Organization Name:-
Big Bazaar
The study of any subject is made easier by examining it in an organized fashion. There are three classes of variables involved in understanding consumer behavior; STIMULUS, RESPONSE and INTERVENING variables. Stimulus variables, such as advertisements, products and hunger pangs exist in both the individual’s external and internal environment. These generate a sensory input to consumers. Response variables are the resulting mental and / or physical reactions of individuals who are influenced by stimulus variables eg: - Purchasing a product or forming attitudes about it could be viewed as response variables. Many of the variables affecting consumers (such as personality, learning, and perception of external situations, motives, and so forth) cannot be directly observed.

The project “Telecom Marketing (T24) Connection in Stores” is carried out under supervision and guidance of BIG BAZAAR and its T24 Company. The project was about studying the consumer buying behavior.

A questionnaire was prepared by us in order to conduct a market survey. The questionnaire was based on different parameters to judge and understand the consumer buying behavior and determine the best possible strategies which could be used to attract customers.

The research carried out in this project was descriptive in nature. The study was aimed at knowing the various buying habits of a consumer.

This project helped in understanding what exactly a customer looks for in a mall before entering it. It gave an idea...

Bibliography: Books and Magazines:
* Consumer Behavior
* Fourth edition by David L. London & Albert J. Delia Bitta.
* Research methodology (Methods & Technology)
* Revised Second edition by C.R.Kothari.
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