Project Outline: A Better Life for Older People

Topics: Old age, Gerontology, Aging Pages: 4 (1249 words) Published: May 12, 2014
Project Outline (Cat-11:Future Trends)

Identify 10 potential problems from the scenario given.
Identify 5 most important problems.
Find out the fundamental problem.
Identify 10 potential solutions.
Identify 5 best potential solutions.
Find out solution to fundamental problem.
How to solve: …..

1. The elderly (above 80s), are being more and more respected by the society. They get over respected? 2. Singapore has an aging population.
3. The elderly have contributed to the building and improvement of Singapore. 4. The government is too lenient on the elderly. It is unfair towards the rest. 5. It is unfair to other people as the rules and laws under the Elderly Special Rights Act are biased against the elderly. 6. The age to become “elderly” is 80, all people under 80 are not considered “elderly”. So, senior citizens age 60-79 is not counted “elderly”? 7. There is a lot of differences between a 79-year-old and 80-year-old? Only 1 year age difference? 8. All elderly cannot be sentenced to jail or death, only a fine. Does it mean the elderly can commit any crime they want to, like stealing? 9. Studies have shown that life expectancy at birth for Singaporeans have increased from 61.3 years in 1957 to 81.8 in 2010. So, only people above average life expectancy are counted elderly? 10. More and more old people, not enough young population to replace old. 11. We might need to pay more government taxes to support the Aging Population of Singapore. 12. Elderly are given too much priority.

13. Elderly are given many more special rights.
14. The Government gives senior citizens privilege over normal citizens aged 21 to 59, however, why does the government give the 80-year-old in the scenario privilege over the the other senior citizen driver of age 60? Given this scenario, if comparison occurs between a 79 year old and a 80 year old, the 80 year old would have a privilege no matter what mistake he makes over the 79 year old and even if he is in...
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