Project Management Paper

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Project Management Paper
Stacey Sprague

Project Management Paper
The scenario is a business owner wants to expand the building in which the business in occupying, but the business owner does not know where to start. This is the point where the business owner needs to incorporate project management. To understand project management, the business owner needs to know what a project is, the basic phases of the project life cycle and purpose, and the importance of project management for an organization to accomplish tasks. Once the business owner understands project management, the expansion can begin. Project management does not need to be complex. Taking the time to understand the process will help an organization achieve maximum success. What is a project?

Projects are any series of activities or tasks that have a characteristic of possessing a specific objective needing to have accomplishments within certain specifications, possessing a specific start and end date, possessing a budget to keep, uses human and nonhuman resources, and are multifunctional in nature (Kezner, 2009). A project is anything that helps a company improve on its operation, product, or marketing. When one thinks of a project, the words build, move, and non-routine come to mind. Project life cycles

A project life cycle is a logical sequence of activities to accomplish a projects objectives or goals. The project life cycle has five major stages that most organizations use: initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and controlling, and closure. These stages help a project to stay on time, budget, and within scope. As with most plans, a project must broke down into smaller stages depending on the size, scope, and resources that will be in use during the project. Project initiation

A project must start with an idea. Because everyone has a different idea of what can help a company, all the projects must go through a selection process. During the initiation stage, several steps will be...
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