Principles of Social and Health Care

Topics: Old age, Middle age, Sociology Pages: 5 (2005 words) Published: February 3, 2014
For an Old Care home there are some underlying principles of support that need to be applied to ensure that the patients and people living in the care home are looked after for in a dignified way. These principles are: - Respect for privacy and Dignity – This principle ensures that the old people have a right to lead their life in their own dignified way that they choose to. They dress up in the way they want to, eat the way they want to and most important of all are given their own private space to indulge into things they want to. If they are dependent on staff, it doesn’t mean that they need to compromise on their dignified way of living. Staff should avoid using patronizing tones while communicating with the old age people in the facility. Fostering of Independence – Once the old age people are in the care home they need to be given time to adjust to the surroundings and perform their daily chores on their own. The staff and relatives should prevent themselves from taking over the chores of the old people thereby making them feel dependent on somebody. This can be done unless it’s absolutely necessary in case the person is unable to perform or is disabled. Responsible Risk Taking – This basically means that the residents of the old care home should not be discouraged from undertaking certain activities just because of the fact that there is an element of risk involved, though utmost care should be provided while doing the activity such that no harm befalls upon them (Glasby, 2008).

The procedures and means adopted to prevent the people in the old care home from any undesirables situations are: - Rule of Safety – Keep the residents under careful watch of attendants and keeping in mind that undue possessiveness and undue concern can lead to violation of their privacy and can cause undue complications in their recovery. Supporting Personal Care and Appearance – Regular grooming and personal care to be provided to residents by the attendants and cleanliness to be maintained. Supporting Emotional Well Being – In some cases the residents have suffered mental trauma or depression. These people need to be carefully spoken with and also emotional support should be provided to them in order for them to come out from that condition. Supporting Mobility – In cases where the residents are unable to walk care needs to be taken in order to help them with moving around the facility for regular checkups and daily chores. Supporting Health Care Needs – Some residents suffering from old age problems are on medication. Proper care is taken to give them medicines at proper times and regularly. Also in some case extreme care needs to be taken about the diet being given to them. The same is also taken care of by the attendants.

In the Old-Age care home following a person-centric approach is of utmost importance. The main benefit of the same are: - Building relationships in the facility
The people tend to be self-motivated and pleasing.
The Old People are a tough nut to crack with respect to the lifestyles they have been living in. They tend to follow similar lifestyles even though they might not be conducive to their health. Once they are accustomed to the people at the care home they tend to overcome their old habits which are not good for their well-being now and tend to lead a healthier lifestyle here (Antonnen, 1996). Person –centric approach is also healthy and conducive for the atmosphere for the old-age care home with things being easy to manage and controlled atmosphere at the facility. ETHICAL DILEMMAS

In the Old age care home ethical dilemmas have arisen. One such dilemma that I can recollect is that of a very old person, must be the age of 80 or more. He was suffering from temporary loss of memory and was still living in the time of 1960’s when he was young. He...
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