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Human Resource Management is “the management of the various designed to enhance the effectiveness of an organization’s workforce in achieving the organization’s goals (ABE).” “It is also said to be concerned with the human side of enterprises and the factors that determine workers relationship with their employing officers.” The workforce of an organization is its most essential component, in ensuring the survival of organizations, hence making it imperative that mangers are able to get the most suitable individual to do the right job, at the right time, in the right place, to achieve the organisations and individual’s goals and objective. Human resource management consist of a variety of activities such as: Training and Development

Equal employment opportunity compliance
Job analysis
Employee recruitment, selection, motivation, and orientation Performance evaluation and compensation
Safety, health, and wellness.
Labour relations
Human resource planning.

An analysis of the case on Watsons Engine Components it determines that Watsons is a fairly small old fashion company mass-producing parts for car engines. Although Watson is in an increasingly competitive market they have managed to maintain their market share but are now faced with the ch* that comes along with economic change and growth. Watsons has little capital and a loyal workforce, and has decided to undergo an overview of its company suggested by a visiting management consultant to determine and solve its inefficiencies which is done by hiring two human resource managers on a project basis to report on issues found.

Watsons lack of sufficient capital faces and inability to acquire raw materials it one of their main problems in surviving its competition but focus has to be placed on its dedicated staff this is one way to improving, the case states that occasionally the company accepts orders that it may be difficult or impossible for existing staff to delivery which is accepted by...
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