principles of human relations

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The book under review deals with various aspects of human relations including training mechanism, discussion methods,role playing, decision making,supervision,behavioural pattern etc.Human relations are one of the most complex yet the most important arena of any business organisation. The success of any business entity depends upon the way they develop their human resource. The book deals with moulding of first line supervisors into a perfect human relation manager so as to turn human resources into human capital.The book broadly underlines the following points: Need for training particularly in present context

Importance of participation
Challenges in training
Basic principles of training
Understanding human behaviour
Importance of motivation and motivational techniques
Discussion and measures to make it fruitful
Risk taking analysis
Attitudinal study
Different types of interviews
Induction and promotion of new employees
Case studies on various aspects of human relations

The book in written in simple yet forceful language. Case studies reveal the HR problems of that period which are relevant even today. What the book lacks is the contemporary HR concepts like differential compensation packages based on performance, HR development, New techniques of training, HR audit, HR accounting, trade unionism and labour laws. These topics should have been dealt with by reducing some case studies.Further the book does not synchronises fully with the Indian scenario as it is based on US business environment which is very different from Indian business environment.

But broadly speaking is very useful for managers in general and HR managers in particular who can gain a lot from the book.The book is also very useful for the...
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