preference of unorganized market over organized market

Topics: Scientific method, Marketing, Consumer theory Pages: 2 (403 words) Published: December 3, 2013
INTRODUCTION - This habilitation thesis presents a comprehensive theoretical and empirical study into a fairly recent in consumer behaviour. Market research into the changes and new patterns of consumer behaviour prompted by the virtual Environment. It’s all about regular life, Apparel shopping and mind set of the consumer. It’s about Indian market tendency. There is two type of market one is organized market (mall) and other is unorganized market (local market). Generally sees that Indian people shops from unorganized market rather than organized market. . Virtual groups of consumers gather around favourite products and brands, provide support to other consumers, and engage in active social discourse on various platforms. ORGANIZED MARKET-

organised market functions as per the rules, regulations and procedures which are led down by the government.

The stock exchange, the regulated market, produce exchange and bullion market, are examples of organised market. UNORGANIZED MARKET-
 everything is everywhere and nothing has a place! Also.

Don’t have proper selling technique

This research revolves around groups of enthusiastic and highly committed consumers, who mostly prefer to go for their local market rather then mall. Some year ago India had not enough facilities for organized market then people used to prefer local market. “As Like most of Indian people likes Pani Puri rather than pizza “ -

PROBLEM- Now a days when India adopted FDI kind of facilities, and also there is lots of brands, from which people are very satisfied and they also going mall, people shops there but more over all of this people prefer to go and shops from local market rather than mall.

OBJECTIVE- Purpose: preference of consumer or customer between organised and unorganised market.

The acceptance of market depicts the willingness to pay

The prefer area for shopping to fulfil the desire and need at the same time

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