Positioning and Target Market: A Study of Junction 8 Mall

Topics: Shopping mall, Retailing, Bishan MRT Station Pages: 1 (434 words) Published: November 6, 2014
Target Market
Junction 8 has a wide range of target market, as there are many different tenants. One of its target markets is the people of center salary and family sections of the retail market that goes to Junction 8 for dining or a movie together with the family. The shopping mall also targets residents in nearby housing estates, office workers in the area and students from close-by schools aged from 7 to 65 years old.

Location Strategy
Junction 8 is placed in a high-density residential area of Bishan and is well accommodated by both Bishan MRT and Bishan Bus Interchange. It is linked and also well sheltered from Bishan MRT to the bus interchange. Junction 8 is also the only shopping mall located in Bishan and it’s also located in the heart of Bishan. There is also more than 800,001 people living in the main catchment region of Bishan. National Library Board is also located nearby Junction 8.

Product Strategy
Junction 8 has a wide variety of tenants, ranging from fashion, dining to lifestyle. Junction 8 positioned itself as a one stop-shopping place as customers are able to go there for shopping, dining and services. Junction 8 also has many fashion retail shops like Cotton On, Tracy Einny which attracts people. FairPrice Finest is also one out of the five anchor tenants in Junction 8 that attracts many families to do their daily grocery shopping. Other than all these, Junction 8 also has a wide range of different cuisines for dining like Japanese, Chinese, Western and many more. Food Junction is also one out of the five anchor tenants that also has a wide variety of different cuisines. Junction 8 also has beauty and wellness shops, like Aster Spring, which has good branding and services.

Price Strategy
Junction 8 prices are usually affordable for people. They have fashion tenants like Cotton On and Tracy Einny that have prices, which are affordable for teenagers and college students. They also have dining tenants like Ajisen,...
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