Population decline

Topics: Aging, Population, Demography Pages: 2 (535 words) Published: January 29, 2015

Europe and Russia have experienced population declines over the last couple of decades. The birth rate decline has led Europe to what today is an aging population. Although a lower birthrate is not necessarily a bad thing, this creates an uneven population. Everything in nature is good in moderation and when it comes to nature and humans, homeostasis is key. If you have the baby boomer population all aging at the same time and a low birthrate, this can negatively affect Europe and Russia socially and economically. The main causes of the decline are very low birth rate, very high mortality rate, short life expectancy, and a growing number of deaths from unnatural causes. Population decline is not a positive. First, it means your population is not growing. A growing population is essential in order to sustain a healthy growing economy. Working age people will make up a smaller share of your population, which will be increasingly dominated by the elderly. The birth rate in Russia and Europe has dropped immensely over the last couple of decades. One of the reasons behind this is because European families don’t want as much kids. The high costs for child care and education have led to this birth rate decline so the parents can make a comfortable living and provide for their families. The average European family only has one kid. As overpopulation.org said “Having fewer children enhances the health of women and participation in the labor force enhances their status and independence.” It’s coming to the point in Europe where there are fewer children and more and more elderly people. In Europe, their concept is that when you have fewer children, it allows you to save economically and invest for your retirement. Europe’s current birth rate is at 1.4 for women of fertile age. Initially, economists thought a decline in birth rates would bring economic benefits however, studies have shown the contrary. As time progresses, things will not look so...
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