Political Sociology

Topics: Marxism, Socialism, Karl Marx Pages: 6 (2309 words) Published: February 22, 2013
Capitalism is the Problem:
Workers’ Socialist Revolution is the Solution
For decades now the whole working class has been under attack. Blacks, Latinos and immigrants have been hardest hit by economic and racist attacks. Outbreaks of resistance have been infrequent and limited. Overt class struggle has been pretty well contained. But even though most workers don’t recognize it today, big working-class fight backs are not only possible -- they are inevitable. Such massive struggles, which our transit strike began to hint at, are absolutely terrifying to the capitalists. In fact, the bosses would love for class struggle to just be considered an “old-fashioned” notion from the past. However, in the light of recent experience, a good number of transit workers are already thinking about the need for “class struggle.” It’s the key to what our lives are going to be like, and will make the difference for future generations as well. The great bulk of people would vastly prefer to live in a world free of poverty, unemployment, racism and war. This kind of world, which really does put human need before profit, is only possible under socialism. Many workers today, including the racially oppressed and the poorest sectors, would readily agree that this is the kind of world they would want for themselves and future generations. But they think it’s a pipedream. When they are able to experience their own power in united mass actions that win victories, they will begin to see that our class can turn this vision into a reality. The Marxist view of capitalism and the working class

The class struggle -- the conflict between the capitalists and the workers -- is at the very heart of the capitalist system. It explains how it works and where it is going. This scientific understanding was first explained by Karl Marx. The capitalist class makes profits at the expense of the working class’s wages and living standards, so the two sides are inevitably driven into conflict. The workers create the wealth and the bosses take the lion’s share. Capitalism has always been brutal in its methods. But it developed technology and a worldwide system of production which laid the material basis or groundwork for overcoming scarcity and creating abundance for all. People could have everything they need to live well. But it’s impossible to achieve under the capitalist system, which is driven to pursue profits rather than human needs. Therefore, as Karl Marx pointed out, only a workers’ or proletarian socialist revolution could bring about a society of abundance for all . By the birth of the twentieth century it became apparent that capitalism was no longer a progressive system on a world scale. Development could now only happen in one sector at the expense of other economic sectors. For example, it could develop the productive forces but only through imperialism, which looted and superexploited the peoples of the economically backward countries. And even in the economically advanced countries, inter-imperialist wars, depressions and fascism confirmed that the system had become reactionary. Another major depression leading to fascism and a Third World War will now become inevitable if revolution doesn’t stop it in time. Previous historic systems like feudalism and other more primitive societies were overthrown when they outlived their usefulness and could no longer bring humanity forward. Likewise the capitalist system is now retarding further advances for humanity. However, what is striking about capitalism is that it developed the modern working class, which is now the class positioned to bring about its overthrow. Just like workers make the transit system run, it is the overall working class which allows the economic system as a whole to run. Nothing can be built or moved without us. As well, the vast majority of workers have no real stake in maintaining capitalism because we don’t own any means of production or businesses; we aren’t bosses....
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