Political Compass

Topics: Socialism, Capitalism, Political philosophy Pages: 4 (1640 words) Published: April 2, 2014
“Bury yourself in pity, doubt, poverty, shame and disgust. Become that of which you are surrounded by, be what everyone wants you to be, NOTHING! He’ll never amount to anything” they would always say, “he will just end up to be just like his mother, a beat down, drug addict, alcoholic Mexican, living under the poverty line, scraping for food and money just to get by.” But he refuses, he will not be THIS, he will not be labeled and categorized simply because society deems him to do nothing more than to follow the steps of those who raised him. Through tear-filled eyes and blurred words, he prays each and every night to GOD to make him something better, to take away this anger and resentment that fills his soul for being a “broke Mexican in McAllen Texas”. He no longer wants to be the one made fun of- the one who wishes that one day mommy will be in to give him a kiss goodnight, instead of the usual routine of him dragging her alcohol and drug infested corpse into her bed. School and sports are his home. They are an escape from reality and his other life. He excels in all he does and even graduates from high school with a scholarship to wrestle in college but, as always, must return early to protect the one who gave him life- his mother. Though saddened by the circumstances, he does not allow this to hold him back; he refuses to fall back into this never ending spiral of who and what he is supposed to be. Now in my third year into college I was asked to analyze my political compass and to interpret why I stand where I do in terms of economics and authority. The graph is ten by ten and contains an x and y-axis that are uniform. The economic, horizontal line measures one's opinions as to how the economy should be run. A “left" favoring individual is one who is defined as having the desire for the economy to be run by a cooperative collective agency. This may refer to the state, but can it may also refer to a commune. Capitalist generally are defined as individuals...
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