Philosophy of Human Resource Management

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Before discussing the philosophy, functions, and how human resources management is being strategically positioned, one must first define what human resources management is, and state what the philosophy of personnel management. Human resources management is the strategic and logical approach to the management of people within the organization who individually or collectively contribute to the attainment of the objectives of the business. Human resources management is the strategic and logical approach to the management of the people within an organization who individually or collectively contribute in attainment of the objective or goals of the company.

The philosophy of human resources management is that people are seen as critical resources to be developed for the future benefit to the organization. It can also be said that people are to be invested in and not to be controlled. Whereas the personnel management philosophy states that employees are expenses and need to be controlled to ensure profitability of the organization. The functions of human resources management are: staffing, human resources development, compensation, employee and labour relations, and safety and health.

The staffing function is the process in which the organization ensures that it has the proper number of employees with the suitable skills in the right jobs at the right time to attain the objective of the company. The human resource development function can be simpely be defined as the all activities that are designed and aimed at improving the abilities of the employee in achieving the organizations objectives. The aspects under human resources development are training, development, career planning, career development, organization development, performance management, and performance appraisal. The compensation function deals with the rewards that the employees receive as a result of their employment. There are three aspects of compensation: direct...
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