People over 50 in the Workforce

Topics: Ageing, Gerontology, Retirement Pages: 4 (979 words) Published: September 9, 2008
The Work Environment
Extended Writing

Topic: Does the age impact on working people? What has caused this change?

The aim of this task is to demonstrate an understanding of current issues affecting the workplace. In this report I will be focusing on the over 50 age group. Specifically I will be looking at whether or not age impacts on working people and if it has improved or worsened.

Work plays a very large role in people’s lives. It has several definitions. Paid employment is considered to be the most important type of work. It provides individuals and families with income to help them survive and to live happily. In today’s society “work also provides people with self-identity and status”. People go to work for different reasons, to get money, improve their education and simply because they have to.

Traditional work patterns have changed rapidly. There is no longer an idea of a ‘job for life’; it just does not seem possible in today’s society. We learn new things everyday; we never stop learning no matter what our age. With this we are constantly trying to improve, whether it is being promoted, getting a job with higher income or simply pushing ourselves further. The idea of a ‘job for life’ is disappearing as many people who do have full time jobs, have been through periods of part-time, casual and contract employment first. As the Australian average age is growing, the trend is that people are sometimes forced to stay in the workforce longer to get more money, they often have no choice. It is shown that 10 percent of people over 70, were still in the workforce and not retired. People are unable to receive the pension until they are 65. This is done to try and keep them in the workforce.

Technology is always improving and increasing. Businesses use many types of technology such as fax machines, phones, printers, and the internet. Due to this, elderly people are finding it hard to...
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