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This chapter will discuss the background and significance of the study and the problem involved. This chapter also includes the hypothesis of the study and its scope and limitation.


Human resources are an organization’s very most important assets because without them, functions such as management of cash flow, administration of benefits, absence management, performance record, and human resource management information system cannot be completed. These functions of the Human Resources division are the key to the organization’s success. Without the workforce of these people from the human resource and other employees, the company will be down for good. The history of Human Resource Management is said to have started in England in the early 1800s during the apprenticeship era. With the technological advances, today’s organizations are continuously fast-changing. Resource management consists of complex process that has to be effective and efficient. In order to achieve that goal, organizations began to develop an automated process of administering employee records by introducing an integrated human resource management system to reduce the workload and for better organization of information.

Background of the Study
Human resource is the most fundamental component of an organization. It is best understood as the “process of managing human talents to achieve organization’s objective”. HR used to have a manual system where they manually do all the work on papers, collect applications from employees, writes the information on each field by a typewriter which is extremely time consuming. After that, they will be putting the documents into file folders then storing them on either file cabinets or shelves sorted, which has a high probability to data losses through incidental events or mishandling of files. But through globalization and technological advancement, human resource management system nowadays has made fast and convenient through the use of specialized human resource management system. The use of the proposed system will make a significant change when during transactions, can hold large amounts of data, prevent data loss because data is maintained and updated in a database, reduce the manual workload of administrative activities and enable flexible access to information. The whole team will be able to work efficiently together with the use of this one integrated management system.

Statement of the Problem
This section states the problem about the system and the information needs to be acquired. 1. How better the proposed system is compared to the existing system in terms of: 2.2 Accuracy

2.3 Data Discrepancies
2.4 Effectiveness
2.5 Efficiency
2.6 Reliability
2.7 User Friendly
2. What are the problems encountered by the respondents in the manual system. 2.1 Files loss due virus infection
2.2 Time consuming
2.3 Redundancy of information
2.4 Unreadable handwriting
3. What are the procedures needed to lessen the problems.
3.1 Eliminate data redundancy
3.2 Enhance accuracy of information
3.3 Regular backup of database

Hypothesis of the Study
The proponents of the Study seek to test if there was a significant difference between the existing and the proposed system in terms of reliability, accuracy, efficiency and effectiveness.

Significance of the Study
The proponents of this study assert that the proposed system will be of great help not only to users but also to the whole of the organization. Not only for the relief of the people in the human resource division but also for all employees of the organization. It is indeed that the function of the human resource is the backbone to the organization’s success. Administrative services performed by the human resource should be performed well that’s why developing the proposed system is needed.

Scope and Delimitation of the Study
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