Past and Present of My Home Town

Topics: Retailing, Shopping mall, Selfishness Pages: 2 (541 words) Published: March 2, 2011
Fifty years ago, there was a town called “Tangkwian,” a small village in the far east of Thailand. It was so small that everybody knew each other well as they were in the same family. Time goes by, everything has changed so much that you may not believe that “Muangklaeng Town” was once surrounded by woods. Now, The town is considered one of the best places for summer vacation. It is just fifteen kilometers from Laemaepim beach; and there is all sorts of places—shopping centers, restaurants, theaters, and pubs—to satisty every need of travelers. However, that is not what I want my hometown to be. I want to change my town back to what it was fifty years ago because there are something wrong going on in the town: people's selfishness, bad effects of the shopping center, and pollutions.     Firstly, people in my town today are selfish and care nothing but themselves. My mother told me that when she was a child, people were so close together as they were one family. They shared and exchanged things instead of buying them. And people were so generous about helping others. Unfortunately, I will never have a chance to see that. Sharing and helping are rare today. Most people put so much emphasis on money that they would do anything for it. There are thieves and burglars everywhere. And many sellers do cheat on their customers whenever they can.     Secondly, the existing of shopping center has big effects on retail stores and small businesses in town. Shopping center includes everything in one place and it sells goods in a lower price compare to smaller stores. This results in a slow down in small store and businesses. And soon, stores that could not compete with the shopping center would have to close itself down; this may lead to many social problems such as unemployment and robbery. Not to mention that, in the near future, the shopping center will become a monopoly that control prices of all goods in the area.     Thirdly, the town is very polluted because of the...
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