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Due on 04/16/2013
Attempt all questions. Organize your answers according to the following chapters. Be creative, precise, and to the points while answering to these questions.

1. Perception (Chapter 8) – 40 points

Visit your local store mall and make a list of any five stores that utilize one or more of the five sensory stimuli to appeal to consumers. Select one of those stores that utilizes most appeals and briefly discuss about its sensory marketing strategy.

Out of the many different stores I went to at the shopping mall near my house, I particularly paid attention to 5. They were Macy’s, The Gap, Old Navy, Nike and McDonalds. McDonalds stuck out to me for a multitude of reasons that I will later discuss. First of all it truly did appeal to me, maybe from walking throughout the mall I got hungry so the smell appealed to me and was targeted toward where McDonalds was located. McDonalds is known for its reputation for serving “billions and billions”; this is a successful food franchise for being known for quick service, reliability, and uniformation and to serve the most quality food products in the business. Mcdonalds appealed to me at the mall on this particular day and not the pretzel stand I walked passed mainly and first because I could smell the food which made me even more hungry, where as a pretzel stand really didn’t appeal to my sense of smell and as I turned the corner my perception (exposure of smell) totally sold me to be a customer of McDonalds today due to the sign. The sign of McDonalds caught my eye and drew my attention to the line to order food. To put aside the constant advertisements McDonalds corporation has through the mall and literally all over, the reason I was drawn there on this day was because Informational processing, my stimuli (smell and sight) were both activities and perceived, then turned to into information then stored to then further approach the actual store. As state earlier, McDonalds has countless amounts of...
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