Organizational Culture: Life or Death

Topics: Patient, Hospital, Value Pages: 1 (288 words) Published: September 12, 2012
Case 2.1 Organizational Culture: Life or Death

1.What values appear to be driving the doctors and nurses in the hospitals to treat heart attack patients? When treating heart attack patients it is essential that doctors and nurses work quickly but efficiently in a time based organized hospital culture. The value that seems to be driving doctors and nurses is having standardized protocols, flexibility when it comes to redefining the protocols, real time data feedback to measure success and working collaboratively as a team. When employees share the same values and work habits match they tend to work better together to reach a common goal and that to provide the best patient care. 2.Why must a person’s work habits match the team culture in the hospitals depicted above? A person’s work habit must match the culture in which they are employed because it is a key feature in measuring an employee success. That success is defined by productivity and longevity. You want people that match the environment you’re in to make the best hiring, assignment, and retention decisions. Any lapse in matching work habit could mean the failure to company success. 3.What types of events could change or alter the strong team culture in the hospitals depicted above? The kinds of events that could alter the strong team culture would be a mismatch in work habits, where an employee values and morals don’t match what the company is looking for. A lapse in communication could cause time delays issue, inability to redefine protocols in a timely manner, and not working collaboratively together. As long a senior management keeps supporting quality improvement efforts and teamwork efforts they will continue to have a strong team culture.

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