Organised V/S Unorganised Retail in Indi

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Store Wars – Will Unorgainsed Retail, retain their leadership or will Organised Retail have the last laugh.

1. Background and history of retail in India
2. Omnipresent web of Kirana stores in India
3. Legendary unorganised retail shops
4. Origin of Organised retail in India
5. Blitzkrieg growth of Organised retail in India
6. Chink in the kiranas armour (People had another choice, increase in market share of organised retail and slight decrease in the growth of kiranas) 7. Ammunition and deadwood of kiranas and Organised retail (Pros and cons) 8. Battlefied one – The utensils market

9. What do customers prefer, kiranas or organised retail when it comes to utensils ? 10. 24 Indian families Interviewed and their allegiances are studied 11. Final analysis and conclusion
12. Battlefield two – The strategically important town of Ulhasnagar 13. Why is Ulhasnagar strategically important ?
14. Battle argument ? Is the town ready for megastore like Big Bazaar ? 15. 100 citizens are interviewed in and around the Big Bazaar site and their insights are gathered 16. Final Analysis and conclusion

17. Consumer is now the undisputed beneficiary of this battle 18. Options available to “King Customer” (Major retail players in the country with brief info about them) 19. Analysing the components of the Organised retail army (Market review of retail industry and market share of major players and market leader) 20. Scrutinising the performance of the best warrior of the army (Analysing the performance of the market leader ie. Future Group) 21. If the leader is accepted so is the army, correspond the acceptance retail based on the performance of Future Group outlets in various parts of the country 22. Gather feedback of performance of Future Group using telephonic interviews of present customers all around the country 23. In the light of the performance of major players in organised retail, discuss the national FDI policy on single and multi brand retail 24. Where is this war heading ? Is a true there in sight ? (Future prospect of the retail industry and is FDI a way forward ? 25. My views on this war (I believe the two armies can successfully co-exist

Store Wars – Will Unorgainsed Retail, retain their leadership or will Organised Retail have the last laugh.


1. Background and history of retail in India
Retailing is as old as civilizations. Civilizations blossomed near the river valleys and hence we had the first category to have ever been retailed; food and grocery. Our civilization was no different from the ones near the Nile or the Euphrates, ours was built around the Indus and the Ganga and hence the name ‘ India ’. The ‘Manusmriti’ and the ‘Arthashastra’ gave accounts about customer service and laid down the rules of business and retail in those times. The fertile river beds of the Indian Peninsula provided wet soil and we had another category to retail and it was ‘ Utensils ’ but the only difference being that the utensils were made of clay, better known as ‘pottery’. Then, the silk route was one of the first world famous markets even before Harrods or our very own Chandni Chowk. And India being the centre of it all just gave more push to it’s craftsmen, artisans, farmers and potters to go into that extra gear. These men were India’s first retailers. Moving on into the post Industrial and colonial era the more ‘veteran’ forms of retail in India became the paan beedi walas and the hand carts, which are prevalent even today.

Omnipresent web of the Kirana stores
‘ Wherever you go, we will follow ’ seems to be the modus operandi of the Kiranas. Wherever a new settlement pops up a kirana store follows up even before the area is entirely occupied and very soon another Kirana follows suit. They seem to hunt in herds but follow the cliché ‘ first come first serve ’ when it comes to take the share of the spoils of the area. From Borivali to Churchgate and C.S.T to...
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