Online Shopping: Advantages and Disadvantages

Topics: Retailing, Shopping mall, Psychology Pages: 1 (292 words) Published: May 25, 2013
For better understanding of usefulness of online shopping, we should take a look at main advantages and disadvantages of it. Talking about advantages time is concerned as a very important point. People don't always have time to go to shopping mall or some special store; time to get there and back, not even mentioning about time spent in the shop is quite драгоценно in some cases. Sometimes mothers don't know who to leave kid with, they have to be with their children all the time and at the same time taking them into shopping mall is not an option. This is when online shopping is the most suitable way to buy stuff.

It is easier to find defined product online: customers are able to search choosing category, age, brand, theme or simply typing key words in the search engine, which is quite convenient. Another good point is that all available products can be checked, not just some part. There is also more related to quality of product descriptive information provided online.

To be able to change customers behavior, it is essential for marketers to know what are disadvantages. Thinking about difficulties of online shopping, unavailability to touch and feel the product can be concerned as the main drawback. At the same time buyers also feel the risk of fraud.  Sometimes you need thing right now, today but when you purchase online, it takes some time to deliver item.  Another important psychological point which prevents people to shop online is need to socialize. Consumers like to talk with sellers, other shoppers, or simply just belong to group of buyers in shopping centers. People like to actually go, buy things and get this feeling of satisfaction from shopping, which online shopping cannot provide.
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