older people in lithuania

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Older people have always been a major focus for social policy because Lithuania is an ageing society.The one fifth of the total Lithuanian population is constituted of people older than 60 years. Female life expectancy outstrips the male rate by 11 years

one of the most important features of the aging of the population is faster in comparison with the other older age groups

To guarantee a sufficient level of income is one of the most important things in the context of an aging population. when people leave the labor market, they suddenly decrease their income. For example in Lithuania pension constitutes 44 percent from the monthly average salary. Pension rate in Lithuania was and remains one of the major social problems for the entire period since 1990. In Lithuania pensions currently paid are too low to maintain ‘normal’ livings standard so many people are forced to live in poverty.

People in lithuania retire differently, a government adopted a retirement age of woman 60, man at 62. People of retirement age are concerned to continue their work, because retirement pensions are formed approximately only of 44 percent of average monthly wage. In lithuania it is legal to work for people who are over 65

Old-age pension is paid when a person satisfies two conditions: 1. Reaches the age of statutory retirement age;
2. Have a minimum of 15 years State social pension insurance, the retirement pension.

Social care

The Lithuanian social support consists of two parts: social services and monetary support. Social services, which are offered to elderly people, can be estimated as a help for maintaining activity and integration of older people into the society. Social services help to guarantee suitable living conditions of elderly people. Lithuania imported the idea of care homes about 10 years ago. Now day-care centres have been established in Lithuania as well.

In Lithuania mainly provided services are: provision of compensatory techniques,...
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