Older Patients

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Patient Education Issues with Older Adults

Patient education is an important responsibility of the health care professional and an absolute necessity of the patient. A patient must be thoroughly informed of their medical condition, treatments or procedures they may need, pre or post care instructions, and their rights to refuse and accept care. In order for that to take place, the health care has to be knowledgeable of their patient and committed to educating not only the patients, but also themselves. If a health care professional isn’t committed to learning and teaching a relationship with the patient will not be established and can lead to noncompliance. The health care professional also needs to take into consideration that all patients are not the same and may need special attention. For instance elderly patients, due to old age, some patients may have barriers that need to be accommodated to achieve effective patient education. The patient’s age needs to be taken into consideration when a treatment plan is given. There may be physical disabilities that might prevent a patient from doing certain things, there might be a financial situation that wont allow the patient to get the recommended foods or medications, or they might have a caregiver caring for them who will need to know the importance of patient education and be able to follow through with the doctor’s plan. Elderly patients need a lot of patience when working with them. Regimens, treatments, and procedures need to be shared thoroughly to make sure the patient is able to comprehend what is being done or what needs to be done to restore their health. Patient education for the elderly can vary from teaching the patient how to increase longevity with life or how to prepare for death due to a terminal disease or natural causes. The approach for these patients needs to be thought of very carefully. It is important when approaching an elderly patient with education that the patient is able to...
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