Old Folks Home

Topics: Ageing, Gerontology, Death Pages: 1 (320 words) Published: July 5, 2013
As year goes, we grow older and older regardless of who we are. Reaching the age sixty and above, we will be categorized as oldsters. Aging is traditionally described as the patterns of life changes that occur as one grows older. Taking care of an oldster is more or less like looking after a toddler. These oldsters will be too fragile and too sensitive. Their changes in life bring about many differences in them; physically and mentally. For instance, oldsters tend to feel useless as they are physically weaker than before. As a solution for these dilemmas I would strongly agree that elderly should live in the old folks’ home. This is literally because elderly needs special attention in order to provide them a comfortable life. What a comfortable life has got to do with old folks’? First of all, we have to agree to the fact that old folks’ homes nowadays are not the same as those of yesteryears. Homes of those days are usually illustrated as very small, untidy and helpers who don’t have sense of humanity in them. Although most of us have never been to old folks’ home, we are still traumatized by all these news that came to our ears and that has put a negative thought about homes in our mind. Well, today old folks’ homes have up-to-date and latest facilities in order to accommodate the needs of the oldsters. For instance, many old folks’ homes have exercising machine, body massaging machine, mini garden with eye catching views, and others which we cannot afford in a moderate middle-class family. With all these facilities, oldsters feel comfortable living in such a pleasant environment. Furthermore, most of old folks’ homes have good medical facilities and equipments. Apart from providing wide bedrooms, living rooms and washrooms, every old folks’ homes have their own sick room which is equipped with medical facilities and medicine.
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