Old Age Homes

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“Since the death of my husband, I ensured three meals of my three children by doing what not! Many a day, I starved but finally made them established. They left the village one after another and did not turn up again” - Rahela Banu

“I am a lady of 61 years. I want to see the future ahead of time. My children are permanently settled in New Zealand. They will never come back. These days I feel weak. My strength is getting reduced. Who will look after me when I will get older than now? Maid servants are not reliable. I am looking for a suitable old age home to reside in” * Mrs Nilufar

1.So this is what happens to parents when space is limited in the heart and homes of their children. These two scenarios are from two distinct society of our country. Both the ladies are looking for a new destination which could be an old age home. Directing Staff and my dear course mates, Assalamualaikum. Next 13 minutes or so I will be talking on the topic “Old Age Home”. SEQUENCE

2.The sequence I am going to fol is mentioned below:
* a.Aim
* b.What is Old Age Home
* c.Concept of Old Age Home
* d.History of Old Age Home in Bangladesh
* e.Entitled Person in an Old Age Home
* f.Factors Behind Sending Parents to Old Age Home
* g.Advantage of Old Age Home
* h.Disadvantage of Old Age Home
* j.Q & A

3.The aim of my presentation is to remind our conscious about a hard reality of Old Age Home, a hidden crying. What is an Old Age Home
4.An old age home is usually the place, a home for those old people who have no one to look after them or those who have been thrown out of their homes by their children. The place is of course like home where the inmates get all the facilities for a routine living, like food, clothing, medicine and shelter.

This woman says that a bench of one-and-a-half feet wide, five feet long is all she needs to be happy as long as she is with her family. Instead, she lies alone in the backyard of an old-age home.

5.All these necessities are well looked after but the much-needed love and care of loved ones is of course sadly missing as how can outsiders provide solace? In these homes, it is very interesting and even touching to talk to people whether they are men or women. Concept of old Age Home

6.In Western Country, Old aged person stay in old age home is a common incident as a part of their regular life style where two generations never stay under one roof. But, in Bangladesh where, for centuries, not only two but also even three generations have lived together. But increasing with modern facilities, people now prefer to think only for themselves & their old aged parents seem burden to them & they try to get rid of them. For that reason, ultimately the concept of Old homes exist in Bangladesh and their number is increasing day by day. History of Old Age Homes in Bangladesh

7.Since 1960, by a private initiative of Bangladesh Association for the Aged and Institute of Geriatric Medicine (BAAIGM) is working with the elderly issue for this country. This is way before any government action was taken. But the first old age home was established in 1994 at Gazipur and the Nobel Laureate Mother Teresa laid the founder stone. Then many different private organizations have built old age homes in different districts of this country. Mainly poor, helpless elderly people are the residents of these old homes. But there is lot who were thrown out of their family by their children or willingly left their homes because of their children’s inhuman behavior. Entitled Person in an Old Age Home

8.Above 60 yrs aged men/women who are helpless, unable to earn anymore, who has no place to live, whose sons /daughter are able to look after them but don’t take care of them or who has no child or kith and kin; in a word who are helpless financially /socially like this old men /women, they stay at old age home with the help of government or...

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8. Old Age Homes
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