Old Age

Topics: United States Census, Gerontology, Old age Pages: 2 (586 words) Published: November 10, 2006
Old Age, Socialistic, and Acceptance

Old age should be a time of enjoyment and being social. Sociologists feel that being socialistic begins at birth and ends when you die. Growing old does not mean you have to go into seclusion. Therefore, with this in mind, old age could be a time of traveling, exercising, and visiting others. This is a time for acceptance also since old age does mean that time is limited. From the time we are born, we are that much closer to death. Not a good way of looking at it but it is reality and it is something we should always keep in mind. We should live our lives fully and socialistic. Life is a mystery and we should enjoy solving that mystery. Crossing the threshold of old age should be a new chapter in life. This is the time when exercise needs to be done. According to AARP, exercise relieves stress and helps you physically and mentally (1). The most important part of exercising is that you need to enjoy what you are doing in order to keep on exercising. Humans enjoy traveling and seeing new places. This is a time when people of old age should take advantage. Seclusion only brings sorrow and loneliness. Traveling and having someone to travel with you helps people of old. Looking at a data map of the United States shows me where many old people end up living. It could have happened when they traveled and ended up staying. The map by the US Census Bureau shows people age 65 and over and where the majority live (2). Florida ranks first with 17.6% of the total United States population. People of old age are living longer and enjoying more of their retirement time but there comes a time when it will end. Death is inevitable and people of old age sometimes do not want to accept this fact. Old age brings with it health problems that vary from senility to failing organs. It is at this time when old people start to think about death. To some it is a fact that they deal with and others do not want to accept that they...

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