Old Age

Topics: Gerontology, Ageing, Old age Pages: 1 (417 words) Published: January 3, 2013
Our age worships youth. We yearn for beauty of youth. We encourage toddlers and teens to be individualistic and award them with full manhood. We hype 18 years old as our pop icon. We vote 40 years old into Presidency. But in retrospect, we think of the past just as much we think of the future. We respect culture and even dig into history for wisdom and guide for future actions. To maximize our own future benefits we have no choice but to pay attention and learn from the older and more experienced. Aging is a natural phenomenon, every individual born on this earth will have to pass through this period. And we all know that old people needs a equal amount of care and attention as a baby needs. Aged people often live with various health problems like, Alzheimer’s, increased blood pressure, weak bones, decreased vision and depression to name a few; these problems necessitates for specialized and quality care. But the big question is who will take responsibility for the care the government or the family. This eassy will argue that family will be responsible for old age care. First important argument is that we should not forget that aged people financially and morally contributed the family in their active age. Their children/family have gained various things form then like financial security, moral values, confidence to face the world, honesty, wisdom etc. More over they also have made us to think on our own. So what we have done to these elders who have contributed so much for the family. Second important reason is the idea of old age care is a cycle, what goes around comes around. If we fail to fulfill our moral responsibility now, we might me facing the same neglect from our loved ones when we are old and lost our ability to live on our own In conclusion, the family should take utmost responsibility to pay them back by financially contributing to their care if not morally. In this way we are not only keeping them happy and satisfied but also teaching our young...
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