Observational Study

Topics: Shopping mall, Retailing, Vending machine Pages: 1 (413 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Observational Study – Shopping Mall (Lynn haven mall, Virginia Beach, VA)
Shopping malls are overcrowded place with consumers from different ethnic backgrounds visiting to shop and spent some quality time. The consumer of the mall in general consists of single to big families, teenagers and senior citizens. For one particular marketing research, I have decided to take a challenge on creating an observational study for how many consumers enter the mall with own water/soda pop bottle. General idea is not to create different gender, demographic or ethnic group while conducting this study. My observation will be brand specific on the water and soda.

Tuesday March 27, 2012 between 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm, I took a nice spot right at the mall entrance with one of my friend who would help me in this observational study. Time was perfect as most of the people leave work at 3:00 and decide upon whether to come to mall by themselves or with family. On this day, there have been around 60 people walking in with water/soda bottles. Among the water brand ‘Dasani’ was top on the list, followed by ‘Aquafina’, while for soda it was ‘Pepsi’. The shopping mall has vending machines that charge $1.75 for water and $1.85 for soda. The vending machine vends out Coke products which easily concludes people walking in with Dasani water have better chance of getting ice cold water bottle from vending machine. Die hard Pepsi drinkers, would take it as an offense to have Regular Coke. One big reason for consumers bringing drinks along with them is because of Price. People grocery shopping for their household would be buying water and Pepsi cases in bulk which would be cheaper than buying individually at gas stations or Wawa or even shopping malls vending machines and food court. With rising gas prices, and crisis in family income, people often look for bargain in all daily necessities.

To conclude this observation study, one recommendation for the shopping mall would have to be...
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